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Our School

Our_Mission Card IconOur Mission

Hillsdale School reaffirms that our community's most valuable resource is its children, therefore, our purpose is to create an atmosphere which affords all children an opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

Our goal is to provide a quality educational program. We welcome you and encourage your participation in all aspects of the school. We can be most effective by working together. Your efforts and interest in your child's education make an important difference.

Our_Vision Card IconOur Vision

Hillsdale Elementary strives to be a community of life-long learners where: with the support of parents, community, staff and peers we will provide a safe, friendly, caring environment where each person will flourish, take risks, be secure and grow in knowledge, confidence, love and respect.

We believe:
  • That all people can learn and grow
  • That all people learn and teach best in a positive, supportive and trusting environment
  • That all people have potential and unique talents and styles to contribute
In this environment, we envision that we, and our students will:
  • Be responsible, empowered, self-motivated, productive learners, thinkers and decision-makers
  • Value and respect ourselves and others
  • Cooperate and communicate as members of a team and assume appropriate leadership roles
  • Cultivate a balance of academic, social, physical and emotional growth
  • Play an active role in the technological world
  • Demonstrate global awareness
We are a community who believes that education is the key to success in preparing for the future!